Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Stupid girl

Late Sunday afternoon, a fifteen-year old local girl reported being sexually assaulted at knife-point in a shopping mall bathroom. A twenty-year old man had hidden in a stall, springing forward when the girl entered the washroom alone.

A lot of people in city started panicking. "Now this!" they exclaimed, believing now that there were two men running around assaulting women here (since the end of September, various local women have reported a man breaking into their basement/ground floor apartments during the night, sexually assaulting them [or at least attempting to] as they tried to sleep). The word "brazen" was thrown around a lot. My father nervously wanted me to assure him that I had someone to walk me to my car after my shifts at the mall.

And then today, this: that fifteen-year old girl lied.

That stupid, little bitch. Yeah, I just wrote that. Really. 'Cause that's what you'd have to be to fabricate an assault story. That's something that just. isn't done.

That stupid, little bitch. To think only of herself and the attention she'd receive; to think nothing of the terror she'd create.

To think nothing of the culture of disbelief she'd be helping to foster upon the discovery of the truth!

Enough women (and, yes, men) have difficulty coming forward to report actual sexual assaults. Enough women (and, yes, men) have difficulty getting people to believe that they were assaulted. Disbelief of an actual victim only adds insult to injury.

But when we have stupid, little bitches running around out there, assaulting the public--men and women alike--with their fabrications, a little disbelief seems prudent, necessary.

But the question is this: how can we be prudent, wary of the fakery of a few without insulting, without withdrawing support from the majority of sexual assault victims?

I really hope that girl is charged with mischief. The sociological damage she's done is much more concerning than the financial cost of dragging the police to the mall.

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