Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I was just thinking, merely thinking

So I didn't end up rushing out to the video store the other night. I did, however, pay that stupid little $2.88 fine yesterday. Aren't you proud that I didn't leave it for four months (like the last time I had a fine. I wasn't avoiding paying it; I just hadn't been to that particular store in a while. After all, it is out of my way. I know, I know... Excuses.)

Bought a Nick Drake CD. Chock full of purportedly "rare" tracks. Yummy for my ears. Found out that Amazon.ca shipped my Magnetic Fields boxed set (69 Love Songs) yesterday. I should be listening to it by this time tomorrow or Thursday. Triple yummy.

No word yet as to whether the local record store I ordered my Serge Gainsbourg CD (Du Jazz Dans Le Ravin) has actually processed my order. Boo.

No word yet as to whether my other scholarship referee is still game for acting as a referee for my grad school apps. It has been about two weeks. And he should have returned to Canada (since I'm assuming he spent his vacation in Italy), if he had indeed left the country, about two days ago. Double boo. I hope he responds to my second e-mail. The applications aren't due until February 1st, but I want to get this taken care of now so as not to cause myself any undue stress ('cause we all know I fret!)

I'm going to go read. This hockey game is over. Go, Canada. And I mean that in the most enthusiastic, non-facetious way possible.

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