Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Latest List

The Shit List:

- burning my arm on the iron this morning. That sucker's going to scar;

- fatigue and sinus problems have me feeling pretty ragged. These past few mornings I've been waking up without feeling rested at all;

- unfinished grad school applications. I've been working too much this past week and my spare moments have found me, well, too fatigued to think; and

- having only one day off this week. BOO-urns.

The Hit List:

- being told to come to work two hours later because things were slow;

- a paycheque for five hundred plus in spite of working only part-time hours for the corresponding pay period (still uberthankful for that raise I got at the beginning of December!);

- finally hearing back from my other referee (the wheels are in motion! His info pack is going out tomorrow...);

- the return of one of my favourite shows, MI-5, this Saturday at 10 p.m.;

- a new episode of C.S.I. right now; and

- just enough energy to read a little more of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell before bed.

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