Tuesday, May 20, 2003

This-or-That Tuesday

1. Large or small family?
I used to want a big family, but now I think I'd like one--maybe two--kids at most. But you can't always count on plans!

2. Potato chips or pretzels? That depends. Are Doritos' Cool Ranch considered "potato chips"? No? Well, then it's gotta be pretzels. Provided that I'm not choosing pretzels over Lay's Regular potato chips. If Lay's are part of the equation, you'd better give me both.

3. House or apartment? That's a tough one. I love my balcony at my apartment. But I would eventually like to own my own home. However, I'd make certain that said home had a deck or a veranda or a balcony of its own--does that tell you anything?

4. Zebras or giraffes? Giraffes. The seem much more cuddly. Yes, that's right. I just called an animal that's at least ten times my size "cuddly."

5. Candles or potpourri? Neither. Patchouli/raspberry patchouli incense accompanied by a few lit, unscented candles. For ambience. Wink, wink!

6. Flowers or trees? Trees. With broad, shady branches. Or--even better!--vines!

7. Right or left-handed? Right. Ruled by logic, my ass!

8. Model trains or dolls/stuffed animals? Stuffed animals. Again, the cuddly factor. Trains have too many corners for my liking.

9. Comedy or drama? In art as well as life, a little bit of both! Even in isolation, you can't appreciate one without the other.

10. Thought-provoking question of the week: The city of Boston has recently banned smoking in all restaurants and bars. Would you want to see such a law passed in your city/town/country, or not? Guess what? Such a by-law has been passed in my city (well, in what I now consider as my city)! I'm tickled pink by it. Having grown up being allergic to cigarette smoke (it caused bronchitis in me when I was a tot, though now it just makes me feel stuffy/light-headed/head-achey/lethargic for days), it's great to know that I can now go out with my friends without having to worry about feeling ill for several days afterwards. If I wanted to feel ill for days, I'd down a 40--by myself--in an hour.

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