Monday, May 19, 2003

I'm fascinated by the ways in which people are brought to this blog. I'd be lost without Extreme Tracking. Even more so than I already am.

'Cause the unfortunate thing is that while you may be able to enumerate search engine referrals and ISPs, you can never tell who it is who's viewing your page. That is what's of real interest to me. I'd love to know who's in front of the computer, fingers poised over the mouse.

Especially when that person has found my site via a search engine query for "Natalie St.Pierre" or "" Do I know you? Should I know you? Were your searches undertaken on a whim? Or did you find me, expecting to encounter someone else?

So don't be shy. Give me a ShoutOut--friends, foes, whatever. It really doesn't matter. I'll be delighted to make your acquaintance.

I've decided to close the travel poll. The results are as follows:

If I had the time, money and freedom to get away, my destination would be

2 (12%)
1 (6%)
0 (0%)
2 (12%)
Australia/New Zealand
5 (31%)
0 (0%)
The Caribbean
2 (12%)
What?! No 80 Days option?
1 (6%)
None of these (pls. comment)
3 (18%)***
Right here. Happy where I am.
0 (0%)

*** Comments included:
1. anywhere in Europe

2. Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand

3. Thailand!!

4. why choose? why not see all? ;) [Natalie's Note: That's the "80 Days" option to which the poll referred. You know, as in Around the World in Eighty Days?]

Well, I'm not surprised that Australia/New Zeleand turned out to be the most sought-after travel destination. But it's as I keep telling my sister, ladies: you can't fuck an accent, no matter how sexy it may be!

Anyway, replacing the travel poll is a poll to satisfy my aforementioned queries about my audience here. Please, if you don't feel comfortable leaving a ShoutOut, at least take the poll.

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