Thursday, February 13, 2003

I've got a Coldplay ticket!!! And so does Kerri!!! And my friend Randy!!! I have been wanting to see them live for SOOO long, but I've never been able to get my grubby little mitts on both tickets and transportation at the same time. Came the closest I ever came to seeing them a few months ago when the tickets for their March 3rd show in Detroit, but Kerri, Randy and I all had to be places early the next day (who schedules a concert on a freaking Monday?!?!), so it didn't happen. But now things have finally materialized. There's my silver-lining for the day. That and knowing that I have a ticket to see Sam Roberts in two weeks.

I like long hair. On me. I miss it. On me. Grow, hair. Grow! I was growing out my hair for a while, but when I broke up with Mr Ex--who loves long hair on girl and actually loathes ("dislikes" would be ineffectual here) the short--I needed to make a break from reminders of him. I needed to spite him. So I cut my hair. I remember reading that Justine Frischmann, lead singer of Elastica, did a similar thing after breaking up with a boyfriend who had a long-hair fetish. She called it a "liberating" act. And it was for me, too. But know I really miss my long hair. It's only about an inch above my shoulders and it'll have finished growing back soon enough, so I suppose I should stifle my hair-related rants. But still... Pout.

Saw an old friend of my family's today. He recently ascended to the Arts Students Council throne here on campus. Anyway, he had told me that he was sorry he couldn't make it to the festival, but he had heard a lot of good things about my play!!! Yay! More good word of mouth never hurt anyone, right? I'm sending off a couple poems tomorrow. I'm just sending them to a student literary magazine, but hey. You have to continue (I "started" with a student earlier this year, but I haven't heard anything yet. Heard [from the family friend] that they may be running behind schedule. Please still keep your fingers crossed for me!) somewhere, right?

The Mirror of Galadriel...
I forsee a doozy of a post (READ: rant on international relations) happening within the next few days... Stay tuned.

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