Sunday, February 09, 2003

Well, I think it's high time for a new poll. The DMB poll has been there for a while. The reader's age poll shall stay, but I think Dave needs to be retired from this page.

As a recap, here are your favourite Dave Matthews Band songs:

Crush 2 (12%)
Let You Down 0 (0%)
Last Stop 1 (6%)
#41 4 (25%)
Don't Drink The Water 0 (0%)
Typical Situation 1 (6%)
Crash Into Me 1 (6%)
I Did It 0 (0%)
None of these (pls. comment) 5 (31%)***
I don't listen to DMB 2 (12%)

2.) Bartender
3.) Bartender
4.) It's all about the Dancing Nancies!
5.) Two Step or Ants Marching are the only songs i like

Now, to breathe some new life into this place, scroll down and check out the replacement!

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