Thursday, October 18, 2007

Missed it!

Even though I bookmarked the site, I missed Blog Action Day, which was--as many of you know--this past Monday. I blame it, at least in part, on my post-interview exhaustion.

I had originally wanted to write a new post to mark the day, but since it is now Thursday and since I have convocation tomorrow and knitting and reading to do tonight, I've decided to highlight a couple earlier entries that take as their theme environmental sustainability:

- On January 28, 2007, I wrote about why I became a vegetarian in a post entitled "What I mean when I say 'environmental sustainability';" and

- On June 30, 2007, I continued in the environmental-sustainability-vegetarianism vein with help from an AlterNet article by Tyghe Trimble.

For other eco-thoughts inspired by Blog Action Day or otherwise, see Veggie Chic, WorldCentric, and TreeHugger.

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