Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Proof that silver linings do exist:

- the N.D.P. made significant gains in the number of elected Members of Parliament;

- one of the London ridings (London-Fanshawe) elected Irene Mathyssen, an N.D.P. M.P. Too bad she doesn't represent my riding (which, again, idiotically elected a Liberal M.P.);

- the lovely-and-amazing Tina Keeper--most of you may know her from the C.B.C. series North of 60--is now an M.P. Sure, she's a Liberal, but I can't hold that against her; she's far too lovely-and-amazing;

- the Bloc Quebecois lost seats and a percentage of the popular vote in Quebec; and

- at least it's only a Conservative minority win: a win that might help Canada see some much-needed electoral reform. (It'll be a cold day in Hell before the Liberals, who--historically--have fared so well under our very undemocratic system, introduce any of those initiatives!) Cold comfort, I know, but I'll take any form of comfort I can get.

But the clouds do still exist:

- Svend Robinson wasn't able to defeat Hedy Fry;

- the N.D.P., while it has made significant inroads, still doesn't hold a firm balance of power. Nor do I think we can hold a balance of power again until we either a.) regain the federal seats/momentum we lost in Saskatchewan back in 2004 (I miss you, Lorne Nystrom!); or b.) win at least one seat in Quebec--a feat we have yet to achieve;

- the Conservative stances on same-sex marriage rights; Kyoto and climate change; deep integration with the U.S.; bulk water exports; health care privatization; education; aboriginal affairs; the G.S.T.; et cetera; and

- Prime Minister Stephen Harper--I'm surprised my computer didn't implode after I typed that.

Tonight, I leave you all with Tommy Douglas' (that's "The Greatest Canadian"/Keifer Sutherland's maternal grandfather for those of you who aren't up on your Canadiana) call-to-arms.

But first, sleep. New Democrats have got to get their sleep now, if we want to be a thorn in the great Conservative Side.


Becky said...

Oooh, I love that quote! My blood runs pretty orange up here in the Great White North.

Kristin said...

Wow! You're right Natalie. Maybe silver linings do exist. How on earth did an NDP candidate win in London, Ontario?

Jae said...

The Tories are back... eek! You poor, poor Canadians...