Friday, December 02, 2005

The lighter side of election campaigns

Courtesy of the C.B.C. are these only half-humourous suggested image make-overs for the leaders of the four major parties:

Rock the Voters
Pop-culture advice for our party leaders

By Rachel Giese
November 30, 2005

The campaign buses are headed out across the country. The candidates are primed. It’s Canada Votes… Again!

To lighten up what promises to be a retread of the last federal election (only a lot more nasty), we’ve done a little image consulting, taking a page from former U.S. president Bill Clinton. The Arkansas governor was trailing incumbent George Bush in the polls in 1992 when he made an appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show. Wearing dark sunglasses, he played Heartbreak Hotel on his saxophone. That appearance turned the race around, and made Clinton America’s first rock and roll president. The same might just work for Canada’s next leader.

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