Sunday, October 30, 2005

Nouvelle vogue

Change is good.

(If nothing else, a change of blog templates is good for distraction from/procrastination of work...)


Morris said...

I don't like 100 things lists!

Mr. Morris
Ask Morris

Natalie said...

That's too bad. I do.

Kerri said...

100 Things Lists are fun and it also allows one to think about things that they really like.

Jae said...

So I finish off my new template and click on a link to make sure it's working... and voila.. you've changed too!

Great minds think alike. And fools seldom differ! ;o)

Natalie said...

Heh. No kidding! I think the desire for change must be in the air: Becky changed her blog template, too.

Maybe this is all a manifestation of our desire of political change--except, feeling ineffectual, we seek to affect change on those things actually under our control?

Or maybe I'm just full of it. Both hypotheses seem equally plausible. :)