Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Star Gazing

In the new year, they're going to be filming some of the new Mark Wahlberg/Ice Cube/John Singleton film in my sister's neighbourhood. Or, at least, they're planning to. I saw the production company's flyer on my sister's kitchen counter yesterday. I think they're trying to get all of the locals on side.

It's amazing the people you see in Toronto, though. Last night, while at The Green Room with my sister and Paulina (friend and former roomie extraordinaire), I bumped into two guys from Paully's and my floor from first year university. It was nice to see them. Especially one of them, to whom I feel strangely closer after having had a chance to visit with him at a party my sister hosted back in May. Strangely closer despite not having had a chance to visit with him since then. It's amazing what the quality of a conversation can do for any sort of relationship. I've known this for years, have been really big on communication, and yet I'm still amazed by its power sometimes.

Another sort of communication made my day today: an e-mail from a former professor of mine. He had written reference letters for my scholarship applications and now he's agreed to write reference letters for my grad school applications--in spite of being in the midst of preparations to relocate temporarily to New Haven, Connecticut to spend the rest of his sabbatical at Yale. I consider myself very lucky to have had professors who are that generous with their time and tutelage. I hope that one day I can extend the same courtesies to (present and former) students of my own.

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