Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Career Opportunities

An opportunity for some freelance with the oft-maligned (by others just as often as myself) local newspaper. To be specific, with said oft-maligned paper's new lifestyles magazine for those in the "most upper income" brackets (according to the editor who answered my e-mail regarding the classified ad.) So it appears all that stands between myself and getting some actual work in my field ($100/500 words upon publication) is my ability to shed (momentarily) my trade unionist-self and think like a rich person.

I was thinking about proposing a piece on the local art gallery--perhaps a history and contextualization of its Group of Seven collection... I mean, that collection in our little gallery is something in which even the most privileged townie can take pride! (And perhaps, more importantly, it's something that interests me more than sufficiently enough to write a damn good feature!!!)

Whaddaya think?

On a different note of privilege, I spent about six hours on a train last night. To go from my home to Toronto. A three hour drive in actuality... Six hours! Can you believe it? Stupid Via Rail.

The train was an hour late arriving at my point of departure. Then, after we finally were able to board, we sat on the track behind the station for over an hour. Apparently, a Canadian National (C.N.) freight had broken down on our single-track. And we had to wait for them to move it. Fine. Well, at about ten after eight or so (about two and a quarter hours later than our set departure time), we rolled out of the station--only a few hundred feet before stopping, and waiting on the track, again. Apparently, we had to wait for the other half of the C.N. freight to be moved off the track!

Couple all that with a thirty minute delay on this side of Georgetown (we had to sit on the track to yield to a westbound freight) and you have me arriving at Union Station at ten after one in the morning instead of at twenty to ten in the evening.

Really, after six hours on a train, I suppose I should be thankful that we arrived only three and a half hours late!

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