Saturday, March 06, 2004


Just a few links for the moment (possibly, even, to tide you over this weekend), as I've got a lot of thesis-related work to do...

A different, post-Chernobyl perspective on Pripyat, an abandoned Ukranian town. Compiled by a young motorcycle enthusiast are both anecdotes and photos. [Via The Practical Hippie.]

An exploration of religion/race relations in today's France. This New York Times article (yes, that means you'll have to register to read it--it'll only take you a few seconds and registration's free. It's worth the minor inconvenience) focuses in particular on the interaction of France's Jewish and Muslim communities, and the difficulty the French government has had in mediating rising tensions. The new "head scarf law" is also briefly discussed. [Link e-mailed to me by the wonderful Debbie, who--to my knowledge--doesn't have a blog.]

"What happened to girl power? Are teenage girls blowing it?" This article by freelancer Georgie Binks meditates upon young girls--girls who grew up with all that Spice Girls/post-Spice Girls girl power hoopla--and their relationship to their own sexuality. I find it sad to see that some things don't change... For a brief discussion of a related issue, check out this post of Amber's and the related comments.

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