Wednesday, January 07, 2004

For the past two and a half hours, I have tried--unsuccessfully--to get a new template in working mode. BAH! What a waste of time this has been.

Don't worry, those of you who wait for template changes with bated breath: it'll be up eventually. Just not immediately. At the moment, I haven't the time for this much tinkering.

Rather random recollection for the day: something Murph said to me back in August... He told me that I'd be some fantasy junkie's dream girl because of the following:

a.) my passion for Tolkien; and
b.) my willingness to try Dungeons and Dragons (no, I've never played, but I've wanted to for some time now. Ordinarily, I despise games [card, board, head, et cetera]--with the exception of Scattegories and chess--but D&D appeals to the drama geek in me, so I have a feeling it'll hold my interest longer than Monopoly! Now I just have to find someone willing to teach me/play with me.)

I wonder what made me remember Murph's comments today of all days? What triggered that recollection?

It's weird how random (and selective!) human recall is!

UPDATE: Okay. So now I'm using a different template (the one I was tinkering with before was nicer still, but it just wasn't working out.) All the kinks have yet to be worked out, but here it is: your breath of fresh air!

I'm going to bed now. Early class. Bah.

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