Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Bryant's Lawyers Outline Case on Accuser


The defense has suggested the woman engaged in a pattern of dangerous acts, including suicide attempts and accusing Bryant of rape, to gain the attention of an ex-boyfriend.


In the latest court filings, Mackey said evidence suggests the woman was either in a manic state or experiencing rapid cycling of manic and depressive states at the time of the June 30 incident in Bryant's hotel room. Mackey said common symptoms of mania include sexual indiscretions.

The defense also said the incident occurred about a month after the woman attempted suicide by overdosing on an anti-psychotic medication, Seroquel, and occurred while she was taking the anti-depressant Wellbutrin.


Um, whatthefuck?

'Cause, yeah. We ALL know that suicide's just a cry for attention!

And 'cause, yeah. We ALL know anti-depressants are aphrodisiacs!

And, um, yeah. I know Kobe's lawyers think they're doing their jobs, but if the victim was on Wellbutrin when Bryant's interaction with her occurred, it seems unlikely that that she would have been eager to commit "sexual indiscretions." Although its makers claim it has a low risk of sexual side-effects INCLUDING a loss of libido, low libido is STILL possible with Wellbutrin. (Mind you, anti-depressants take approximately two weeks to kick in. This could be more of an issue if the victim recently began taking the medication.)

The woman's (prior? ongoing?) Seroquel use seems more of an issue. Seroquel is used to treat schizophrenia--symptoms of which often include delusions.

Now, I may catch it for saying this, but I feel compelled to...

So, Bryant's attorney's! Listen up: if you're going to introduce the victim's medical history as part of your defense, MAKE DAMN SURE all your facts are straight before you end up fuelling stereotypes about depression, its causes, and its results!!!!

Those of us who have fought depression are fully-aware of its stigmas--stigmas which are/were for some (myself included) initial obstacles to seeking treatment.

Clinical depression is a serious disease, which can be the result of a GENETIC (yes, hereditary!) chemical imbalance in the brain (don't tell me you haven't seen that ubiquitous Zoloft commercial???!). If left untreated, depression can result in suicide/suicide attempts.

So fucking be careful! What you present (or even suggest) in such a high-profile case can have consequences more far-reaching than the outcome of this case!!!

To my regulars (if you're still with me):

I apologize for the didacticism and the, well, general rage. As all of you well-know by now, depression and suicide are two very personal issues for me. But while I'm sorry for the way I've presented my argument (I know angry posting is not conducive to clarity and specificity [as opposed to generality]), I am not sorry for actually presenting it.

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