Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Well, where have I been? It's been almost a week since I last posted. Napping all this time? Nah. It would've been nice to sleep that long--I could certainly use the rest--but I've had better things to do: little sisters to host, concerts to see, movies to watch and--oh, yeah--papers to write.

Last Friday, my sister came to visit. Well, she came to see The Constantines (only her favourite band apart from The Stills), but she stayed for me. The Constantines put on a really good show (and my sister says that that was a bad night!), managing to produce a really tight sound despite the venue's less-than-stellar acoustics. I was impressed. Really, I know I shouldn't be surprised; Mer loves the band and she's VERY selective with her devotion (well, her newly-minted love for Black Dice is suspect, but apart from that...) It was nice to have my expectations (which had been whipped into a frenzy because of my sister's enthusiasm for The Constantines) exceeded nonetheless.

The next day, Mer and I went out for lunch, did a little shopping and a little visiting, and rented a movie (Lost in La Mancha--not the greatest documentary ever made, but it really does manage to give you a sense of just how great Terry Gilliam's The Man Who Killed Don Quixote could have been if production wasn't shut down. I grieve for Terry and the loss of that movie. I hope he manages to buy back his script and make that movie someday real soon.)

I finished classes for the semester and wrote paper number four (of the five that have been due in the past two and a half weeks), but not before attending last night's Hot Hot Heat show (the paper--which I started writing only after 6 p.m. last night [yep, started it just two and half hours before I was supposed to leave for the concert]--was due this afternoon. That I still went to see H.H.H. last night is pretty telling.) You know what? I just don't think those guys could disappoint me. They were just as great, just as energetic (how do they keep up the momentum?!?!) as they were the last time I saw them, and they managed--once again--to rise above poor venue acoustics (the same venue acoustics The Constantines rose above this past Friday; I would love to hear them in a venue with good acoustics! I'm confident they'd blow my mind.)

And no, I'm not just saying that 'cause I think Dante DeCaro is as adorable as he is talented!

So, now that I've come down off that high, what's left for me to do?

For starters:

- complete research for paper number five;
- write paper number five (an exploration of the canonical (mis)placement of New Woman fiction);
- finishing knitting Christmas presents/doing Christmas shopping;
- go home for a few days to recuperate;
- return to use the library for thesis research, meet with one of my profs from this past semester (the one who's also the Graduate Placement Coordinator) to discuss job placements (yikes!) for May, and to host a couple Christmas dinner parties.

And that's just for starters!

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