Tuesday, November 25, 2003

To do:

1.) Finish response paper;
2.) Write paper on my discussion facilitation (topic: how Hardy constructs female sexuality in Jude the Obscure);
3.) Get more sleep;
4.) Re-learn how to say "no" without feeling guilty/bitchy.*

* I had to tell my roommate that I'd prefer if her boyfriend didn't come down tonight and stay until Thursday night/Friday morning when the both of them would go home for the weekend. His wanting to come down was spontaneous; had I had advance notice, I could have made arrangements to work elsewhere (the extra noise in the living room [t.v., booming laughter] would distract me from aforementioned paper-writing. It's distracted me before, and in my current state of fatigue/mental wanderlust, it would--I'm sure--prove more problematic.) But I didn't have advance notice. So I said "no." And now I feel like a guilty bitch.

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