Saturday, September 06, 2003

I can now say that I've attended all my classes this year. And--having sampled what each has in store--what do I think?

I think things will go swimmingly--now that I've dropped my honours Italian class.

Sadly, yes, I've dropped it (even though my interest in it has not diminished.) Sadder, still, is that I feel better having done that.

One look at the syllabus told me that it would be a very challenging, very rewarding class; however, the kind of challenge it posed--given that I have two fourth year seminars (half courses), two full-year honours courses, and a thesis--would prevent me from giving due attention. Spending the necessary time to get what I wanted out of that class would REALLY take away from my other classes, and I didn't want to study Italian half-assed. It would be a waste of my time, not to mention a MAJOR source of stress (what with all those extra assignments...) Something had to give.

I won't be having an Italian language-free year, though. I'm still planning on working with Italian poetry for my thesis. So I guess there's another upside (the first being the elimination of a potential stresser.)

This year will now see me working on only four full credits. Fortuantely, I have the luxury of being able to do this and still graduate in June: I took a distance studies course (equalling one full credit) a couple Summers ago. I had a feeling that course (Canadian Lit) would have manifold rewards! Eventually.

Now I'm confident I can give each course the attention it deserves, while still producing a solid thesis.

Also on the cheery side of things:
- Kerri and I saw Whale Rider last night. I LOVED it! Mind you, you really have to suspend belief for a five to ten minute stretch towards the end, but it's a great little film (and Keisha Castle-Hughes' a great little actress!) nonetheless; and

- I had a visit from my mommy today. I made her lunch, after which she and I went shopping (both of us had to find things to wear to my cousin's wedding) and out to dinner. She headed home about half an hour ago. Miss her already.

Off to start reading Seamus Heaney's translation of Beowulf. I was supposed to go out with some friends tonight, but I've yet to hear from them. If I don't, though, that's perfectly alright. I'm just as content with my reading and an early bedtime.

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