Monday, October 21, 2002

Grand Fiamma - Part II
Okay. So it's a distilled grand fiamma (and, I dare say, grossly oversimplified). WHY DOES CANADA WANT TO BE THE UNITED STATES? Sibling rivalry. The U.S. gets what it wants. It the Marcia Brady of the world stage. Canada just happens to be Jan. We want some attention, too, so we want to be like Mike. WHY DOES THE UNITED STATES WANT CANADA TO BE THE UNITED STATES? Two words: renewed imperialism. On that note, check out what Noam Chomsky has to say about the U.S. and Iraq. It's a few months old, but still relevant.

Happy Days, er, Nights!
Had a WONDERFUL evening with Mr Mature last night! We went out for drinks and then headed back to his place so we could hang out/I could meet his cat. He (Mr Mature, not his cat!) still has some things to figure out, but I am still stupidly smitten. Well, whoever said the heart is rational? I just know that being around him feels right.

Bad, Blogger, Bad!
I have been a little lazy with my blog lately. Well, I guess lazy isn't the word. Neglectful is. I've had to prioritize and with school work piling up, blogs often have to wait if I want to see my friends outside of Cyberland. Sorry everyone! Once midterms are over next week I'll try to get back into the habit of making regular updates.

And the Saint of Me "Intriguing Person Award" goes to...
I love Michael Moore! I was watching CNN on Saturday afternoon (bad, Natalie, bad!) and he was featured on the "People in the News" segment (right before the segment on Hugh Hefner for those of you with selective remote controls!) As if I didn't want to read Stupid White Men and see Bowling for Columbine enough already!

Guilty Pleasures I Need to Indulge in More Often...
Really, it's not as kinky as it sounds. Those of you looking for kink will have to look elsewhere. The guilty pleasure I indulged in on Thursday (besides seeing Christopher Plummer give a wonderful performance as King Lear) was creative writing. I cut my last class of the day, came home and wrote a one act play (it was great! I'd do it again! It felt SOOOO goooood to REALLY write again!) I had been meaning to write it for a while and my inspiration finally really struck. Necessity really is the mother of invention! My inspiration struck just in time: the deadline for the one act play festival I wanted to enter was Friday. I'll let everyone know if my play is accepted into the festival as soon as I find out myself. Wish me luck!

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