Monday, October 21, 2002

Getting my Shift newsletter always makes for a good day. Today especially. Online Editor Mark Moyes was at his most clever, suggesting some possibilities for present day Godzilla-style movies:

"All that talk about post-WWII nuclear phobia got me thinking about artistic
representations of our modern-day cultural fears, which made me wonder
what a twenty-first century kaigu eiga movie would look like. What are
we, as a culture, afraid of? Without further ado, here are the top five
new-millenium monster movies I'd like to see:
5) Big Mac versus the Amazon Rain Forest Beast (in which a horde of
Moo-Cows from Planet M unleash their monster to masticate all things
4) Bushzilla versus ForeignOil (in which Bushzilla uses his
Freedom-Laser-Eyes, Democracy-Fiery-Breath And American-Family-Values-Spiked-Tail
to crush his opponent!)
3) NikeSaurus versus millions of little children on Developing Planets
(Ever seen Godzilla versus Bambi? Yeah: The little children lose)
2) The Bachelor versus Amazon Woman (in which she knees him in the
balls once and for all)
1) Lance Bass versus The Russians (in which the Russians miss a golden
opportunity to rocket him into orbit, flush him out the airlock and
into outer space where soundwaves are mercifully lacking)"

Heh. I love Mark Moyes!

Check out Shift's kaiju eiga (Godzilla-style movie monsters) special here.

Read it! Read it now! I guarantee you'll find something (links, too!) that you'll enjoy!

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