Saturday, September 28, 2002

Oh, how I love live music! Last night, Kerri, Randy and I caught the Hot Hot Heat show at Call the Office. It was yet another evening of great music and even better company! Playing in support for Hot Hot Heat were The Parkas (yes, the same Parkas who played in support of The Dears the other night... How many parkas do you know??? ::looks ashamed as Canadians everywhere scowl in her direction::) and Brendan Benson and the Well Fed Boys (who had been opening for fellow Detroiters The White Stripes on their recent tour).

Yeah. I definitely love live music. Heck, I love any format of music (mono, stereo, et cetera)! Need any proof? I rather foolishly/self-indulgently bought more than one (I'll just put it that way) CD/EP over the past two weekends and I'm on a budget...

Yikes, eh?!! No more for me for a LONG while! I have to save up for Christmas presents (yeah, I've even started shopping. I've got my younger sister's gift already and I know what I'm getting Kerri). I guess that means that I'll have to wait on adding Tigre Benvie's The Year of the Mutt and Bankruptcy to my collection. Ah, well. I guess I can content myself with listening to the songs posted on Tigre's (a.k.a. Rob's) page hosted by New Music Canada (you CanRock buffs out there might recognize Rob's work in The Dears, as well as the now-defunct Thrush Hermit, whose album Clayton Park is fantastic!)

Hm. Well, beyond my obsession with music, I don't think I've really ever said that much about myself. True, the surest indicator of character is usually what a character says/does (so in that case, maybe you do know me), but there are, of course, the little things. So, following a recent trend (this is new...), I will be posting a list of One Hundred Things You May or May Not Know About Natalie. Stay tuned. With luck it could be up in an hour or so.

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