Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Additions

Some of you may have noticed a few changes to my blogroll. Since the beginning of this month, I have added exactly twelve blogs.

- PopPolitics, which features posts on popular culture and politics (hence the blog's name), can be found under News and Views. This is a homecoming of sorts for this link, as I used to read PopPolitics regularly, but stopped--and consequently removed the link--when I got busy with grad school. I'm glad to be able to read it once again!;
- Lisa's Kitchen, a local vegetarian food blog, has been added to my list of Compassionate/Conscientious Living blogs;
- Under Friends and Favourites, you can find Truth & Beauty, Right this Moment, unrepentant old hippie, Thimble, the little knittin' kittin, and Agent Bedhead, the latter which I found via my beloved Pajiba, and the five former--with the exception of Thimble, which I found via BUST magazine--I found through Blogger interest searches. Most recently, I joined the blogging community Twenty Something Bloggers, through which I found Six Exits, GenPink, temporary madness, and memoirs of a 'gee--all which can also be found under Friends and Favourites.

Please check them all out!

And while you do that, I'm off to look over some freelance stuff and call my editor...


elysa said...

Thanks for adding me. I don't actually have a blogroll at the moment I think I would become too obsessive over it if I did.

tiff said...

thanks for the add as well! I really like the 20something community.... such a bevy of talent!

Erik said...

Thank you for including me in your blogroll. I am honored. I really enjoyed the other sites you listed.

I am a regular visitor to your site these days. Thanks for sharing.