Saturday, October 13, 2007

I want, I want, I want!

This would be perfect for carrying my knitting around! Right now, I don't have a knitting bag. I was going to make myself one (I even bought the fabric!), but--alas!--I have neither a sewing maching, nor money to buy one. And all that hand-stitching would be a bit of a pain... Pity, pity, pity me.

And speaking of knitting accessories I'm wanting right now, I also really like this and this.

I am totally loving the awesomeness that is lady (from the e-mail address on her "About" page, I believe her name is Laural) is both talented and inspiring. At the same time, though, I am unamused by the fact that the wonderful shop there has so many things I like but can't afford right now.

EDIT: When I do have money, one of the first things I plan to buy is the Singer Inspiration 4210, which is supposed to be a breeze to use--perfect for the girl who, when trying to teach herself how to use her mother's old Kenmore machine, got so frustrated and confused that she gave up before she had finished threading and has yet to return to the enterprise...

Anyway, I'm off to curl up with the perfect bedtime pair for a chilly Friday night in October: a mug of hot water and my copy of Frankenstein!

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