Sunday, July 01, 2007

Why am I not surprised?

CIA spied on left-wing Canadians in '60s, '70s: documents
B.C. professor monitored in spy operation calls it 'utterly shameful'

The Central Intelligence Agency spied on Canadians critical of the Vietnam War during the late 1960s and '70s in an operation code-named "MH Chaos," CBC News has learned.

The U.S. spy agency targeted university professors, students and other Canadians who the agency believed were espousing left-wing ideas.

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Know what? Given the domestic track-record of the current U.S. administration, I wouldn't be surprised if they were spying on us lefty Canadians even today. 'Cause, you know, it really is a socialist paradise up here. All policy aside, even one of our national colours is red! *Rolls eyes.*

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And on that note, happy 140th birthday to the socialist paradise I know and love, and a very happy Canada Day to all my fellow pinko Canucks!

(As an aside, I've been fortunate enough not only to see Gordon Lightfoot live--and yes, he's just as good as he is on his albums!--but to go backstage and get his autograph! Please excuse the fawning...)

EDIT: And in honour of the day, here are a few videos by Canadian artists you may not have heard of, if you live outside of Canada...

"Freedom" by The Nils

"Smile and Wave" by The Headstones

"Top of The World" by Rascalz featuring Barrington Levy and K-os

"History" by Controller.Controller

"Any Day Now" by The Watchmen (This was one of my favourite songs in high school.)

"One More Astronaut" by I Mother Earth (Another favourite song from my high school years...)

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