Monday, November 07, 2005

Sweet Justice (Let's hope!)

While I hesitate to draw any sort of attention (even inadvertently!) to his vile, vile opinions, I think it worth noting that a certain pariah is now on trial for hate crimes in Germany.

I have opted not to post a link to the sole article I found on this because said article gives the URL for said pariah's website. I'm unsure as to how that's responsible journalism.


Jae said...

Thankfully Google let's me find out what you're referring to... yet another evil man faces justice. Holocaust denial is probably the worst non violent racist crime there is.

Natalie said...
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Natalie said...

I know.

What makes me even more angry about this man is that he's always tried to play himself off as the victim. 'Cause apparently freedom of speech is just a free-for-all.

While you're not going to hear me say, "HOO-ray for censorship!," neither will you hear me say that freedom of speech is absolute. It is wrong to promote hatred and violence. Plain and simple.