Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Still grieving

I'm still grieving over my cat. Sorry, but I am. He was part of most of my young life. And you don't get over losing someone--even a feline someone--that easily.

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Cuddles and I: December 24, 2004

Still, I promise not to turn this blog into a cat-themed blog. Pet blogs--to me, anyway--seem interesting to their authors alone. (And already I fear that this space, cat-themed or not, is fast becoming engaging to only the Woman as a Young Artist herself!)

Not much else is new, though. I'm still unhappy with my job. And I'm unhappier still with the lack of employment alternatives that I have. There really don't seem to be any better jobs around here (well, there's one I'm going to apply for. Wish me luck), and I don't want to leave my present situation without assurances of another. I can't afford to be without a job in the next few months.

Still, I can't stand being in this job any longer.

It's not just that it's soul-sapping and demoralizing. As awful as that would be, I've dealt with jobs like that before. But at least with past jobs like that, there was a network of supportive co-workers. Although I enjoy working with a number of my present co-workers, there are those whose moodiness, back-biting and duplicity make my continued employment unbearable.

I know there are "office" politics with any job. But when you don't really enjoy the nature of the work itself, the politics really make you question why you're sticking around.

The money really isn't worth it.

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