Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Requiscat in pace... And the trivialities crossing my mind

R.I.P. Pierre Berton. We shall miss you. Canada is greater for having had you as one of our own. My own academic experience has been richer for having heard you read.

Something I would have rather not have heard:this news. Homophobia is homophobia is homophobia. No matter how you dress it up. No matter how you try to back out of things. (I mean, why the hell should Alexander the Great's alleged bisexuality [actual or, in this case, cinematic] be such an affront to the Greek legal community and its sense of historicism?! Why the hell should they care? Aren't there more important matters to attend to?)

On the significantly more inconsequential side of the coin, Closer--a movie I've been looking forward to for months--finally opens on Friday. The theatre here better be carrying it. They have some work to do to make up for not showing Finding Neverland (among literally about a hundred other movies I've wanted to see throughout the years! This town needs an Odeon to give Famous Players a run for its money. Just one more thing the 1980s incarnation of my hometown has on the present: an Odeon. My beloved Odeon!!!)

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