Monday, October 11, 2004


It's Thanksgiving Monday and, in just a few short hours, all of the long (and not so long) unseen loved ones will have gone.

My sister came home Wednesday night and left last night. A nice little visit that seemed so much shorter because of my work schedule (I had to work all day Thursday, all day Friday, most of the day Saturday and most of the day on Sunday). My little brother came home on Friday and is going back this afternoon. When I wasn't working, he was busy hanging out with his girlfriend or his friends.

My godmother came over. A surprise visit. I was able to visit with her for about forty-five minutes--at most.

This weekend was all too short. I can't help feeling as though it might as well not have happened at all. I know it's not the quantity of time spent with people, but the quality. But it's difficult to create quality time without a quantity of time.

Anyway, I've found a new job--a full-time one. Now I'll be able to let go of one of my part-time ones. I start tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, I plan to put the finishing touches on my graduate scholarship applications (I'm applying for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship and a Canada Graduate Scholarship, the latter which is administered by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada). Big money, big competition. I'm not confident that I'll get one, but I have to try. Even with this new full-time job with full-time hours and consistent pay I may not be able to afford both an exchange to Italy and grad school. And while I don't want to have to choose one over the other, of course I'll have to pick grad school of a couple month exchange. Italy will be there for me later. I don't want to put off school any longer. I miss it too much.

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