Tuesday, September 21, 2004


A prime example of stating the obvious: I really dislike spiders!

Last week's Hot Type special hosted by Adrian Harewood didn't really propose any solutions to the question of Canadian identity. At least it didn't for me.

I did come to the conclusion that Mina Shum is the coolest cat around. I would hang out with her any day.

Mom and I made a last minute trip down to London yesterday afternoon. At about noon yesterday I read an e-mail (sent to me by a former professor of mine) informing me of a meeting about graduate scholarship applications which was to take place at five p.m. that evening.

Now I'm working on getting my referees lined up (one already; waiting to hear back from the other prof I've approached), my personal statement/project proposal lined up, and transcripts ordered.

Lots of fun stuff.

And tomorrow will find me working on a piece I'm planning to submit to this magazine. Now that'll be something I'll really enjoy!

I've gotta keep myself busy; I have less than ten hours between the two jobs this week.

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