Saturday, August 14, 2004

"And now for something completely different!"

In light of this afternoon's reflection, I think you all deserve a "real" update. So, those of you who are still wondering after my comings and goings between July 26th and today may appreciate learning the following:

- that I'm still plugging away at that retail work. In fact, just this past week, I'm working two retail jobs, if only until the busy "Back to School" rush has died (my place of employment of two summers ago asked me if I wanted to cover some extra hours and since I'm only part-time at the other job, I jumped at the chance.) The second job--the one at the old place--is infinitely more enjoyable. Well, as enjoyable as working in retail really can be.

- that I'm still looking for work. I want a better job. I need a better job. I have to put some extra money away or there's no way that trip to Siena will happen. Anyway, on the job front, I interviewed for a position as a law clerk at a small, personal injury practice. Only to be told within the first five minutes of the interview that they had already hired--despite knowing that they still had to interview me!! That was a little disheartening, but I persevered. If things don't work out with one of the new hires, I got the distinct impression that I may be on deck. I'm not going to count on anything there, though. So just this past week I interviewed for an assistant manager position at another store in town--only to find out part way through the interview that they don't know what they have available just yet--that they're interviewing people just "to see what kind of people are out there". ARGH! I guess I should be happy that I'm at least getting interviews. But really, people, don't hold interviews for jobs you don't have! I can't wait for you!!!

- that I've now had to say my temporary good-byes to two of my best friends--Jess on the morning of July 26th (she had come to visit for a couple days. Unless I can somehow make it her way in the next few weeks, I won't be able to see her until at least October. I think I could afford a visit to her and her New Brunswick law school by then), and Ryan on the morning of August 2nd (I was able to make the trek to his place to attend the graduation/going away party that his and his girlfriend's families held for him. He should be in Grenada by now. Ry, if you're reading this, I miss you!!)

- that my reading list--as well as the number of books I can classify as being read currently--is ever-expanding. I could resist buying Lynne Truss' Eats, Shoots and Leaves no longer. And then a "Book Sale" sign proved to great a beacon. I was very lucky to come away with only Susan Sontag's Regarding the Pain of Others. It'll be several months before I get around to reading those books, though.

- that I still haven't seen King Arthur. It was ushered out of the local theatre to make way for something newer. I have seen The Bourne Supremacy, Spiderman 2 and The Village. Too bad that Garden State, the second summer-release (the first being, yes, The Village) I really want to see, won't EVER come to the theatre in my hometown.

- that I've finished all the panels of the afghan I'm knitting. Now it's a matter of weaving them together.

- that I got my hair cut. Short. And it looks darn cute.

- and that I'm trying to cut back on the swearing. My mother's right: I really should be utilising more of my vocabulary. Swearing only makes me sound stupid.

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