Monday, March 15, 2004


My roommate has been on the phone off-and-on all frickin' night! To people she just saw yesterday (her boyfriend and her parents, I'm assuming... They're the ones she's on the phone with most often.)

I was really hoping to talk to my mom tonight. Because I haven't talked to her since Friday night. Because I need to find out if I'm to get Bowie tickets, if nothing else. But someone is on the phone. Again. And I need to go to bed soon. (Who knows? My mom's probably already asleep, though, because she probably a.) didn't sleep well this weekend because she was visiting my sister, and b.) is tired from travelling. But still.)

Ah, well. I took a forty minute shower tonight (since the building's hot water was shut-off this morning and wasn't turned on until right before I had to leave for campus. No, there was no way I was taking an ice cold shower. Not after I ended up with handsicles. I had to boil water to mix with a bowl of cold water just so I could wash my face. How pioneer of me!) I suppose we're even. Not that I took a long shower to get even. I had hopped in the shower long before tonight's telephone monopolization started to irritate me. Plus, I gave her fair warning of my shower (though not its length. The length wasn't really planned.) Had I known she was going to be on the phone this much tonight, I would have--well, what could I have done? Nothing. You give and you take.

Only one and a half months left...

And on that note, I leave you with some more of my happy thoughts:

- The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (listen to them online!);

- Jian Ghomeshi, my favourite Iranian-Canadian hottie and the one who introduced me (via his show Play) to The Flying Bulgars;

- Rick Mercer's Monday Report;

- tomorrow night's guilty pleasure television; and

- St. Patrick's Day. Tomorrow--in honour of both Wednesday and my Irish heritage (my maternal grandfather is the only member of his immediate family who wasn't born in Northern Ireland--I think I've mentioned this before, so sorry for the repetition)--I'm baking soda bread. 'Cause I haven't made it in a while. And 'cause I like it. With caraway seeds.

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