Monday, February 09, 2004

Things You Can Tell Just by Listening to Him...

Official languages commissioner Dyane Adam announced this week that she's launching a formal investigation into whether anti-francophone comments from Cherry reflect a systemic failure by the CBC to respect the Official Languages Act.

Give me a fucking break!

How does one, known idiot who just so happens to provide some sports commentary for the CBC "reflect a systemic failure by the CBC to respect the Official Languages Act"?

Cherry's comments reflect his own ignorant opinion and his own ignorant opinion alone. I'm not going to defend Cherry; he's pissed me off more than once. The thing is that I have enough of a brain in my head to realize that he's speaking for himself alone. And I've enough of a brain to realize that he's the one who comes out of this looking intolerant and--above all--stupid.

I suggest that Ms Adam put her time on Parliament Hill to better use. Don't waste our money on this.

Everyone already knows that Don Cherry's an ass.


Cherry admitted to [talk show host Mike] Bullard that he gets "carried away sometimes.

" But I don't mean to, it's MacLean's fault," said Cherry, referring to his longtime Hockey Night In Canada co-host, Ron MacLean.

Riiight. It's Ron MacLean's fault Cherry has no self-restraint. I'm sorry, but I just don't buy that. Now, if he had tried to blame it on an old puck to the head... ; )

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