Sunday, February 15, 2004

Singing the soul

Just 'cause I feel like it, I'm going to re-post something I first posted on Sunday, August 3, 2003--my Hypothetical Perfect Mixed CD:

-"How to Disappear Completely" by Radiohead;
- "Ny Batteri" by Sigur Ros;
- "Not the Red Baron" by Tori Amos;
- "Sullen Girl" by Fiona Apple;
- "Staralfur" by Sigur Ros;
- "Idiotheque" by Radiohead;
- "Pinned Together, Falling Apart" by The Dears;
- "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" by The Smiths;
- "Summer of Protest" by The Dears; and
- "The Eternal" by Joy Division.

I would love to listen to that CD right now. Nice. Kinda mellow. Definitely NOT upbeat. Perfect for my present mood.

Too bad my stereo is only a three disc changer. Otherwise I could've programmed myself the aforementioned "CD".

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