Friday, November 14, 2003

Tyler Told To Lose Weight

Buxom screen star Liv Tyler is risking her Hollywood career - by refusing to lose weight. The 26-year-old has been told by movie bosses she risks missing out on top film roles unless she reduces the size of her shapely figure. But Liv - who trimmed to a svelte 57 kilograms for her part as heroine Arwen in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, before piling 13 kilograms back on after shooting wrapped - insists she is happy with her weight and doesn't want to diet. She says, "I've been told that if I lose weight I'd have more work, but I refuse to submit myself to Hollywood standards. To the rest of the world I am slim and I like the way I am."

[Via The Internet Movie Database.]

You know, sometimes Hollywood makes me sick. Here's Liv Tyler, one of the most beautiful women in the world, being told to lose weight. I've seen recent photos of her. The woman is 5'10 and she is not fat. She's the perfect weight for her height. And you know what? She looks even more beautiful than she did when she was 57 kg. because she looks healthier (not that she looked unhealthy before, though.) And I'm not just defending her because she happens to be a personal style icon of mine.

She has a real woman's figure, Hollywood. Get over it.

It's the kind of criticism she's receiving that makes any woman who's not a size two feel inadequate.

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