Thursday, October 02, 2003

Tomorrow (or today, rather) we vote.

I know I don't need to tell you who's getting my support; it's already apparent. I know my party doesn't really stand a chance of winning, but of recovering lost ground--! Oh, yes!

Right now, I'll be content with a good showing.

It's funny, really. I must not look like a Tory (but then what does a Socialist look like?) because a Conservative canvasser didn't bother to try to force a flyer on me as I passed her on campus today. Or maybe she didn't accost me because the second she looked in my direction, I looked away and kept walking.

I know, I know. Not polite at all. But part of me really didn't want to have to get into anything by not accepting a flyer (I could have just accepted one, I suppose, but then why waste paper?)

The other part of me kind of wanted the opportunity to turn down a flyer--and the opportunity to detail why I will not, nor will I ever (unless I lose my soul!), vote for the Conservatives. I wanted the opportunity to tell her what I think of Conservative policies, to tell her how wrong they are, to enlighten her (poor messenger...!) because I know I'm right.

Sometimes I can be so proud--haughty, even. And that really bothers me. I don't know. Most times--when I feel proud--I think I have cause to feel that way. Still, though, that's no excuse.

Aside from wisdom, sustained humility is that virtue to which I most greatly aspire.

Biting my tongue today was proof to me that I can indeed master that proud impulse that makes me speak when I should really let things be. Now if only I could get rid of the impulse all together!

Hm. But writers, by nature, aren't really humble creatures, are they? And just because anything is "by nature" doesn't mean it'll be left alone. If there's one thing I've learned in my twenty-two years, it's that we are all constantly at war with nature--with our "selves." So it seems that my attempts at self-restraint are about as inevitable as the occurrence of any writerly-related hubris.

Anyway, a little righteous indignation never hurt anyone... Right...?

The wrestling continues...

At any rate, it's likely I'll get some good story ideas in process.

I just hope my fellow students vote. There is so much apathy on my campus (why I really didn't realize until becoming more active in social causes/activism last year, I still don't know), it's discouraging.

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