Sunday, August 24, 2003

It has been a good week. A very good week. Not in terms of productivity--I didn't read nearly enough as I should have or knit nearly as often as I would have liked--but in terms of activity.

The Recap:

On Monday night, I got to spend some time with my 'lil sister. I taught her how to knit!

Tuesday morning brought a successful optometrist's check-up. No changes to my existing prescription (I need glasses to see distances is certain lights.) Tuesday afternoon/evening's trip to Windsor went well. Had nice visits with my grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins.

I spent Wednesday night hanging out with Murph and a couple of acquaintances. We watched Gangs of New York before heading over to a favourite watering hole (Ups and Downs.)

On Thursday night, I relaxed and watched The Two Towers (sixth time total, first time on video... Ah, the perks of having a Blockbuster connection!)

I finally got around to calling my uncle about my computer on Friday. He can fix it--yay! And he's not charging me anything for labour (plus he's giving me a new video card.) Unfortunately, though, he says I'll need to buy more RAM, so I'm still looking at $70-$100 in unexpected expenses.

When I got back from my uncle's, Murph called me up and I went over to watch a movie. We rented Comedian (that documentary on Jerry Seinfeld and Orny Adams) with Murph's cute friend Shawn. Fun was had by all.

Finally, yesterday and today found me visiting with my friend and former roommate Paulina.

Phew! Who ever said that you couldn't be busy doing nothing? I'm ready for a vacation!

Oh! And the local paper finally published my letter in Friday's paper. I was beginning to think that they weren't. I tell ya, just when you start to lose faith in the locals, they surprise you.

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