Monday, July 21, 2003

It really hasn't seemed that I last posted so long ago (in truth, just over a week). Maybe that's because I've thought about blogging, but remained uninspired.

I must confess, though, that I've been neglecting this blog in favour of--gasp!--reading and writing, too. I've been thoroughly engrossed in my Summer reading list. I must admit, I compiled quite the engaging list for myself (if you're looking for reading material for yourself, I can give you plenty of suggestions!) I've given myself until the end of the first week of August to finish it (I have to get a jump on my course reading then). And, I'm happy to say, it looks as though I'll make it.

As for writing, no, I don't mean I've been journal writing. I've been WRITING writing. I'm working on a new play and, when I'm not reading, I'm finding myself consumed by the effort. I'm either planning--composing lines, exchanges, entire scenes in my head--or I'm writing. It has left little time for aught else.

I did manage to attend a couple of concerts this weekend, though. On Friday night, I saw the Barenaked Ladies. Not really my type of music (though I like a couple of their songs), but they put on a good show. On the other hand, I did get to hear music that was more my speed on Saturday night. Then I saw Pete Yorn and the Foo Fighters. "Yay" all around.

I would have had an even better time, though, had I not been worried about my own voice. While both of this weekend's concerts were outdoors, so many people around me were smoking that I feared an allergic reaction on my part. And an allergic reaction I did have. I almost lost my voice. Not good at all. Especially since I have to sing at a fundraiser for my riding's provincial N.D.P. candidate tonight. My voice is back, though it's certainly not a hundred percent. It's feeling a little tired, but I think it will hold.

Wish me luck. A full report on how things go is forthcoming.

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