Friday, June 06, 2003

There will be no Friday Five from me today for precisely the same reason why I skipped a This-or-That Tuesday a week or so ago: I found the topic uninspiring.

Okay. So it's not the same reason why I skipped out on a chance to "This-or-That." I chose to skip that one week because of the commercial/consumerist slant. No one gives two shits which brand of toothpaste I use--except for marketing execs and ad agencies. Needless to say, listing my favourite brands seemed a little on the morally repugnant side. (Can something ever be a little repugnant, though, I wonder... Such a strong word!)

I do find today's "Friday Five" theme uninspiring, though. Really, this blog is boring enough without me detailing the goings on (or lack thereof!) of my love life. I know that I comment about it here from time to time, but still. I dunno. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had something to report.

My cat has had an eventful afternoon, though. Only moments ago he was almost chased out of his own backyard by a bunch of stupid starlings. My mom had tossed a bunch of bread at the back of the yard so the birds could pick at it. Well, my beautiful kitty, just trying to enjoy the afternoon sun (yay! It's actually warm and sunny here today!), was walking through the grass, not harassing the birds in the least. Then, suddenly, a single bird started squawking at him. That bird was soon joined by another, then another and another. But this chorus was not enough. A couple birds tried to make a run at my cat! Needless to say, my cat retreated to the patio. He was cowering by the picnic table when I last saw him.

Stupid, greedy starlings.

As an aside, I've applied for a student employment position as a librarian this Summer. As nerdy as I know I'm going to sound for saying this, I'm excited. I really hope I get it--and not just because I need a job. Lately, I've actually been considering starting an M.A. in Library Sciences once I finish my degree next spring.

But then again, who knows? If I get the job this Summer, I may rule out librarian as a career. 'Cause we all know what I really want to do.

Isn't anyone willing to pay me to travel and write?

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