Tuesday, June 17, 2003

On the theme of reading... A topic after my own heart!!!

This-or-That Tuesday

1. Newspapers or magazines? Both. A good (read: factual and unbiased) newspaper is best augmented with several magazines (since the magazine is generally a more op-ed/feature article driven medium).

2. Books-on-tape or regular books? I prefer to have the genuine article in my hand. To read for oneself is a more immediate experience than being read to.

3. Paperback or hardcover? I love the feel of a hardcover novel, but--because of the expense--most of my books are paperback editions.

4. Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction. But if it has to be non-fiction let it be literary/social theory! I prefer to deal with the abstract.

5. Sci-Fi/Fantasy or romance novels? Tee hee! I swear I didn't write this list of questions! Fantasy, of course.

6. Borrow from library or buy books (either new or used)? I prefer to buy books. I'm a slow reader and I tend to read several books at once, so the library's borrowing period is never long enough. I don't have the money to pay overdue fines and I always feel guilty about renewing my loans ad nauseum.

7. Subscribe to magazines or buy on newsstand? I've been on a subscription kick the past few years. I like the fact that I get each issue before it hits newsstands. Furthermore, it's generally cheaper to subscribe than to buy each issue at the store.

8. Current best-sellers or classic literature? Classics. Mind you, I try to read contemporary Canadian stuff (especially that by Jane Urquhart; I've been meaning to reading All Families are Psychotic by Douglas Coupland for a while...), as well as the odd best-seller (ie. The Hours by Michael Cunningham. That novel's destined to become a classic! Not that the Pulitzer it one is an indication of greatness in and of itself...)

9. Read books once, or re-read favorites every so often? I re-read my favourites. For an example, I try to re-read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol each year. My family, as a group, re-reads The Best Christmas Pageant Ever each year, too!

10. Here in the U.S., we have two hot best-sellers...former First Lady Hillary Clinton's memoirs, and the new Harry Potter book (coming out June 21). If you had to read one, which one...Hillary or Harry? Why? Harry. Definitely Harry (and not just because Ryan would've killed me if I said otherwise! Heh.) It's the Fantasy aspect. I get more reality than is to my liking in the day to day.

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