Monday, June 02, 2003

Oh, Extreme Tracking, I'm sad to see you go, but that's what happens when you don't pull your own weight.

Must get more sleep. This from the person who slept eleven hours last night and is still tired. Yes, I have problems. I said "problems," not "mono."

Biggest pet peeve at the moment: web ring members who remove/hide their ring code. How the hell am I supposed to continue browsing?!

So I'm writing this article... There was a call for submissions on the Bust website and I answered it. I sent them my "article in progress" a few hours ago. Keep your parts crossed for me that they'll be interested in publishing it. Or I will have made an ass out of myself in front of several university professors for nothing (in an otherwise extremely articulate [if I do say so myself!] e-mail requesting a few sound bites for my article from several professors at my university, I explained how I would be "very appreciate" instead of being "very appreciative." That'll teach me to proof-read when I'm tired... Or it should. But we all know that it won't because when would I write, if not at night?!?!)

Wow. This post is getting pretty random. Who votes for me to put myself to bed now? I see I'm out-numbered. I'll have to postpone further ramblings until tomorrow. Buona sera, ragazzi.

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