Sunday, April 06, 2003

-Crucify- You're "Crucify" from both the
"Crucify" and "Little
Earthquakes" albums. You're probably
really fed up with not being able to stand up
for yourself. You wonder why everything gets
messed up, and actually, you make a lot of

Which Tori Amos Song Are You?
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girl afriad
You are GIRL AFRAID, you're kinda quiet and very
paranoid. Our conclusion - cheer up ya moody

What Smiths Song Are You?
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You're Love Will Tear us Appart
Love Will Tear us Appart. You're fond of love, but
love turns you down. All your life you've been
suffering from love. But you're a dreamer, you
keep loving because it's your living.

Which Joy Division Song Are You?
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Which Donnie Darko character are you? by Shay

Congratulations, you are Gretchen Ross. You are very perceptive of the world around you. You are a good person with strong morals. Although your life hasn't been exactly the way you would like it, you still think the world is beautiful. Good for you.

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