Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Aw-yeah! The Leafs are still in this thing!!!! I can hear the nutty fans driving their cars while sitting on their horns and screaming out their windows. Literally. I can.

During the game, I could hear fans in one of the buildings across the courtyard moaning with disappointment at every missed shot and hooting with relief every time Belfour saved the day. I wonder how much fans in other parts of the country rally around their teams?

Glad the Sens advanced. Sad that the Oilers are golfing with the Red Wings (though I am SO NOT disappointed the Wings are celebrating Summer early! Ah, Cujo. Now that you've met Nemesis, what do you think of her? ; ) She's a brutal bedfellow, isn't she?) Hope the Canucks move ahead. And Canadiens. Boys, I expect you to at least contend next year. You wouldn't want to make Roch Carrier thankful that Eaton's sent him a Leafs jersey instead of a Canadiens one, now would you?

You know, although I'm a Leafs supporter, I just want to see the Cup come home. It's too bad we couldn't do it in the same year as our men's and women's National Hockey Teams brought home gold, but I'd still welcome the Cup back this year. Or any other year, as a matter of fact!

Hm. But speaking of still being in things... I'm still in the middle of exams. I write exam number four (Middle English Language and Literature) at 9 a.m. tomorrow, so this is where I'll end things tonight.

We'll be in touch. Much sooner if I need to bitch about my Leafs losing...

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