Thursday, March 06, 2003

When it came to discussing the recent Grammy Awards tribute to The Clash, I've held my keyboard. No more. I have to get this off of my chest.

WHY? Why did they not just let Elvis Costello do the vocal line? Why? I mean, I like Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl's voices. But NOT for The Clash's music. Yeah, yeah. I know it's a tribute, that it was done out of admiration and respect, but still. I would've liked to have heard more of Elvis Costello paying tribute to Joe Strummer's vocals and a little less of the rest of them. And Steve Van Zandt?!?! Who gave him permission to sing along? Argh!

As for Van Zandt's guitar solo, I will admit I enjoyed it. In fact, I really liked it. It's a good solo in and of itself. It's just not The Clash. Sigh.

So okay. My expectations were a little unrealistic and nothing short of the complete line up of The Clash would have satisfied me. But can you blame me? It's The Clash!

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