Thursday, March 13, 2003

Tomorrow is the first of the two nights of student filmaking excitement that is the ninth annual UWO Film Festival. Aimee, my favourite student direktor and dramatic co-conspirator (you may remember her for her direction in such stage play's as Memoria by The Incomparable Natalie St.Pierre [seriously, that's what the birth certificate says!]), has a film in the festival again this year. And again this year my voice underscores her vision.

Last year, my voice was one of many that Aimee layered and used as a chaotic and cacophonic accompaniment to her first film, an agitation film which took the third prize in the festival. Not bad for a first endeavour! That only gives you an inkling of how brilliant she is!

This year, it's another treat for the audience: an aesthetic answer to the question, "Where is the city?" Her images are set to a Beat/Ginsberg-inspired poem written by our mutual friend Luke and read by yours truly. Yup. That's right. My sexy voice makes another guest starring appearance. Well, rather, it appears in the Best Supporting category. The real stars of the film are, of course, Aimee's images. Sorry, Luke, but your poem plays second fiddle to Aimee's vision.

It really is a beautiful little film. All about London, too. I am so there to support her tomorrow night! And not to hear my own voice. I hear my own voice all the time (trust me, I'm talkative.) And I've seen the film already. But, as with any film I love, I'm only too happy to watch it again!

I'd love to write her something to direct. She doesn't do narrative films, though. Hers are more concept-driven. I think I'm up to the challenge. But even if I wasn't, she'd make anything I turned out look good. The girl's got vision in spades.

Aimee Mitchell really is brilliant. Watch for her. She's going to be big one of these days.

Listening to "Elsewhere" by Sarah McLachlan.

Reading Pornography and the Sex Crisis by Susan G. Cole and the Spring 2003 issue of Bust.

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