Tuesday, October 08, 2002

So why am I feeling deflated, eh? Well, Mr Mature (the wonderful guy I met at Saturday's party) and I have been talking on the phone (Sunday night and Monday). And, well, last night he told me that he felt like he was leading me on: he said he liked me, but--while thinking things over while at work on Sunday and Monday--he realized that he still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, with whom he broke up a month ago. He had thought he was ready to move on, but just realized that he wasn't.

I told him that I couldn't say that I wasn't disappointed, but that I understood: I wasn't really ready to date a month after Mr Ex. And I told him that I appreciated him being relatively forthright with me. I mean, he did tell me how he was feeling as soon as he realized it instead of waiting a week or so, allowing feelings to grow and be trodden upon in the process.

I told him that I was still interested in talking to him (we both admitted enjoying talking to each other--heh. I guess we'd have to, talking for about six hous on Saturday!) and hanging out with him--no pressure. He said he'd like that--a new friend for him in a new city.

So I'm deflated, but I'm not destroyed. I'm down, but I'm not out. Yeah, I'm hurt, but I'm understanding, for there's that chance that when he is ready to move on he'll--in the words of ABBA--take a chance on me.

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