Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Okay. So the web's all about space. Cyberland is expansive; it's full of perspectives. So why don't you broaden yours and check out one or all of the non-North American/non-European English language newspaper I found? I wanted to include ones from Palestine, Iraq, North Korea and Iran, but I couldn't seem to find any web versions. At any rate, I offer you these newspapers:

Al-Ahram (Egypt)

The Japan Times (Japan)

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Lebanon Daily Star (Beirut, Lebanon)

The Daily Star (Bangladesh)

Philippine Star (The Philippines)

Daily Champion (Lagos, Nigeria)

Cape Times (Cape Town, South Africa)

Deccan Herald (Bangalore, India)

Hindustan Times (New Delhi, India)

Bangkok Post (Bangkok, Thailand)

Buenos Aires Herald (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

I find it fascinating to see how the same events are covered (or not covered!) around the world...

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