Monday, September 23, 2002

No bad dreams last night that I can remember. I know that everyoe dreams, so I can't say that I don't. I guess I just slept so soundly that I couldn't recall them when I woke up. Had a GREAT sleep last night! Gotta love that Badger Sleep Balm! I'm still so tired, though. A couple nights worth of great sleep can't make up for two and a half weeks worth of shitty sleep. I'm working on it, though. Or should I say the lavender's working on me?

No pickles and apples tonight either. Blueberries and yogurt! Mmmmm...!

But enough about my eating and sleeping patterns. They're not important enough to warrant any more attention. They're patterns. They exist; I've observed them. And now I'm moving on. To more interesting things. Like Coldplay!

The Coldplay Intimate and Interactive was on Much Music tonight. I watched it over at my friend Kerri's. Oh, they were SO gooooood! I really wish I had tickets to see them in Toronto last night! I'm sure it would have been unforgettable! Am I coming off melodramatic? Probably. Am I actually being melodramatic? No. Not at all. I'm a Coldplay fan (ya caught me!) Attending one of their shows would be something I know I'd love and remember. Really, their my Beatles (well, The Beatles are still really my Beatles, but I'm sure you get the point: they're The Beatles for me in my youth. I would say for my generation, but I don't think they've yet to become that big. Yet...)

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