Thursday, August 29, 2002

Wow! I feel special! I just checked my eXTReMe Tracking page and I discovered I had visitors from Norway and the U.K. Whoot-whoot! This, my friends, is exciting (I'm new at blogging, so the novelty has yet to wear off). Next time you stop in, give me a shout out.

You know, even when the novelty does wear off, I think I'll still be excited. I'm one of those geeks who like to travel. Unfortunately, financial and scholastic constraits (damn university!) severely limit opportunities for indulgences of the Odyssean variety. For now, I'll have to limit my travels to cyberspace.

I guess that's why I'm excited knowing non-North Americans are viewing this page: socio-cultural bridges are being built and ideas are being exchanged. So please leave a message next time!

Does that sound too earnest?

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