Saturday, August 31, 2002

"Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf,
Virginia Woolf, Virginia Woolf?
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf
early in the morning?"
- George, WAVW?

According to my playbill from the 2001 Stratford Festival production of Albee's "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" the title phrase, according to Albee, really is asking who's afraid of living without pretense.

"I am George. I am."
- Martha, WAVW?

So many of us are afraid. I am. There is much over which we seem to have no control--from real issues, like the unfair trade practices which keep one billion people in poverty world-wide to details of everyday North America, like the emptiness and disconnectedness that comes from being too wrapped up in one's own life. The illusions, the pretense that everything is alright shelters us. We don't have to think about the horror that for so many others is just life. We don't have to think and we don't have to acknowledge that our ignorance keeps people destitute.

"Ohhhh! It's for awareness!"
- Homer Simpson

Living with illusion is easy. Safe. It is time to challenge ourselves, to take a collective risk. Open our eyes.

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